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To our dear and valued customers,

We love being your neighborhood bookstore and giving you the personalized attention we always have.  Covid has changed things a bit, and we must limit the number of customers to 8.  This hasn’t been a problem, but as the holidays approach, we may have to ask you to wait to enter.  We would love to avoid this and all holiday frenzy as much as possible this year.  What does this mean for you?  Please plan ahead! 

*Shop in person as early as you can, and be prepared to wait if there are already 8 visitors in the store. 

*Shop via email.  Send us your requests and we’ll respond within 24 hours;  we can arrange quick curbside pickup if you wish.

*Avoid last-minute shopping as much as possible.  Publishers are already expecting shortages, and the sooner you shop, the better your chance of finding all the items on your wish list.

MAKE OCTOBER THE NEW DECEMBER and tackle your holiday book buying early!

One thing that will not change is our commitment to our customers, and our appreciation of your support through thick and thin. Working together, we can create a festive holiday season for us all.



WE’RE OPEN!  Current hours are still a bit shortened:  9 to 6 Monday through Saturday, and now Sundays too from noon to 5.  We are of course sanitizing religiously; and we are required to regulate the number of people in the store to 8 at one time, and ask that everyone wear a mask.  Very happy to be seeing out customers again!


We are an independent general bookstore serving the local community since 1992. We offer a thoughtfully chosen selection of books for all ages, and a surprising depth of inventory that will keep you interested but never overwhelmed.

We offer free gift wrapping, frequent buyer rewards, gift certificates in any amount, and an experienced, knowledgeable staff eager to recommend and talk about all kinds of books. We have recommendations posted throughout the store; please check out recent ones on the Recommendations page.

We don’t offer online ordering (new exception below!), but if you wish to contact us online or after-hours, please send us an e-mail, and we’ll hold the book you want, or—if it’s not in stock—let you know how fast we can get it for you (usually within a day or two). Shipping available


Want to order online?

As your local independent bookstore, with an inventory selected to serve our community, we strive to fulfill needs not met by online shopping:  the opportunity to browse, to be neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed, to talk to staff and neighbors about books you’ve loved or hated, to dash down and pick up a book you just heard about or found out you need, to call and request a specific title that we can get quickly if it’s not on the shelf already.

But this is a different time.  We’re still here and ready to help with your requests and to offer curbside pickup or free delivery in Magnolia; but browsing is limited, and we recognize that some may feel better shopping online right now.  So we’ve joined,  a recently launched online association of indie bookstores, authors, websites, and more designed as a way to promote and sell books without driving sales to Amazon.  We’ve set up a page to highlight some of our personal recommendations as well as new and exciting titles in various genres.  Customers can search across and purchase from the entire website.  Orders are fulfilled directly from the Ingram warehouse and generally ship in a few days. 

Sales made through our link  help support our store (though not, of course, as much as shopping here directly).  So please check it out as a great online ordering alternative!


Thank you for your support of our independent bookstore!


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Saturday: 9am ~ 6pm
Sunday: Noon ~ 5pm

Photo credit to The MrMagnolia Team.